Ionion Star Hotel, occupying a splendid vantage point just in front of Lefkas Marina, can offer exceptional hotel services for those who want to upgrade their yachting experience. Our helpful staff is willing to collect your clothing for washing or ironing from your boat and return it, deliver a delicious Mediterranean meal from our restaurant Azzurro Mare or satisfy any other of your catering requirements before you set sail.

But even those who need a change of scenery, want to relax next to the pool, enjoy a light meal or an imaginative cocktail, recharge with a quick sleep or a shower, be productive using wifi or all the above in a day use experience, Ionion Star Hotel will happily serve you.

  • Room Day use
  • Laundry-Ironing
  • Use of the pool and the showers
  • Restaurant/Snack Bar
  • Food Delivery/Catering