History of Lefkada

The fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea. It is situated between Corfu and Kefalonia. Narrow strip of sea, the Corinthians first dredged in the mid-seventh century BC separates the island from Akarnania. However, access is easy, because of the floating bridge which connects the two shores of the channel.
Lefkada owes its name to the southern cape, Lefkata, which in antiquity was called the White stone or White edge.

Over the centuries, passed from Lefkada Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines after the Franks and the Venetians, and somewhat more recently the French and English, to end integrating in 1864 with Greece. Many beaches, unique scenic beauty and aquamarine waters Lefkada highlighted as one of the most beautiful islands throughout Greece and beyond.

Twenty-four large and small islands strewn in the sea and form the Prefecture of Lefkada. All this petite archipelago, with the diversity of landscape and its peculiarities, is a challenge for everyone to explore.

Lefkada Sightseeings

Welcome to Lefkada island, one of the largest islands in Greece and the Ionian. Lefkada offers many options for sightseeing. Read more

Lefkada Beaches

Welcome to Lefkada island, one of the largest islands in Greece and the Ionian. A magnificent island famous worldwide for the its rich historical monuments and its beaches. Read more

Lefkada Culture

Lefkadian institutions first appeared in Literature and Art Festivals (1955) and the International Folklore Festival (1962), which operated continuously until today, building on earlier Ionian tradition. Theater, music, exhibitions, conferences, poetry culminate each summer and strengthen the culture of Lefkada.
The Festivals count dozens exceptional moments in their history, as the extraordinary appearance of Maria Callas in 1964, last artistic appearance of her in public.

The island has the oldest (after the Corfu) Band of Greece (1850). The Association contributed to the development of music education and history Lefkadite brought this many times in important moments in Greece, as in 1864 for the Union of the Ionian Islands in 1896 to participate in the Olympic Games in Athens in 1906 and taking part in Mesolympiada.

Lefkada is also active in folk dancing, choirs and musicians with a nationwide and international visibility.

Lefkada Nature

Two spectacular waterfalls are formed in the canyon, one of the most important habitats of the island. Created by the waters of the homonymous stream, which stem from Vafkeri and were praised in the poems of Aristotle Valaoritis.
The falls form a natural lake around impressive cliffs and caves. To reach the waterfalls you will follow the trail outside the village Dimosari.

Lefkada Lagoon

Wild ducks, pelicans and herons living in the lagoon of Gira, while a road encircles it and is ideal for road trips, biking or walking.
The lagoon is divided in two by a water canal. In the western, smaller lagoon is the ivari, the farm of Lefkada, where fish are reared.

Around it are the famous beaches of Gira, Ag. Giannis, Mills, Castle and Ammoglossa.

Lefkada Gastronomy

The island, due to its climate has a large production of high quality agricultural products: olive oil, citrus, honey, grapes and wines of exceptional quality.
The wine produced from the variety Berjami is considered on of the best in Greece. Besides the wine, you can try aromatic liqueurs such as rosoli, mint and rose, and the soft drink of bitter almonds, orgeat.


Lefkada Cuisine

The cuisine of Lefkada, is no different from the classic Mediterranean cuisine, but has some unique elements, the Venetian cuisine. So, you can sample a wide variety of seafood and meat dishes and delicious desserts. In particular, try:

  • Sausages, very spicy.
  • Savoro: fish cooked with garlic, onion and rosemary.
  • Aliada, seafood dishes with fresh fish.
  • Sweet snacks: nougat and sesame.
  • Traditional oil pie.

The options in Lefkada are too many and you can find ouzo taverns, snack bars, taverns and luxurious restaurants.

Lefkada Nightlife

Lefkada is the island that combines everything in a unique way! You can find all kinds of restaurants and several bars that can meet any taste.

Whether you are looking for a quiet restaurant for a delicious dinner or a bar for a drink or a club to dance until the morning, you can find everything in Lefkada.

Lefkada Nightclubs

The nightclubs are located mainly in the capital and as well in the most popular tourist resorts, Nidri and Vassiliki. There is no chance of getting disappointed by the nightlife in Lefkada!

Feel the music touches you in connection with the sea breeze and just make your holiday unforgettable. Just remember that calm and peaceful Lefkada in night turns into a vibrant and fun city that will keep you awake until the early hours.